Marko Noerenberg


  • Oct 2012 to Nov 2014: MRC funded postdoctoral researcher “Posttranslational modifications in the E2F1/pRb pathway”, University of Oxford, Department of Oncology, Prof. Nick La Thangue
  • Oct 2011 to Sep 2012: Wellcome Trust funded postdoctoral research fellow “Effects of KSHV ORF57 on the cellular proteome”, University of Leeds, Institute for Molecular and Cellular. Biology, Prof. Adrian Whitehouse
  • Sep 2007 to Oct 2011: Wellcome Trust PhD “Functional analysis of the KSHV ORF57 protein in mRNA nuclear export mechanisms”, University of Leeds, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Prof. Adrian Whitehouse.
  • Nov 06 to Jul 07: Research scientist “Enhancing recovery of rabbit embryonic stem cells”, Chair of Livestock Biotechnology (TUM), Freising, Germany, Prof. Angelika Schnieke.
  • Jan 06 to Oct 06: Research project for the master thesis “Investigations on various aspects of intactness of long DNA molecules for the construction of human artificial
    chromosomes”, Chair of Livestock Biotechnology (TUM), Freising, Germany, Prof. Angelika Schnieke.
  • Apr 05 to Jun 05: Research project “Intracellular localisation of the Delta 1 interacting protein Scribble in the developing murine embryo”, GSF- National Research Center for Environment and Health, Institute of Experimental Genetics, Munich, Germany, Prof. Hrabe de Angelis
  • Feb 05 to Mar 05: Research project “Identification of morphological markers to elaborate the function of weight increasing food supplements in livestock”, Chair of Physiology (TUM), Freising, Germany, Prof. Michael Pfaff


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