Marcel Bach

img_6519As part of my DPhil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme in the University of Oxford I did a three-month rotation in Dr. Alfredo Castello lab. My choice was largely based on my interest and fascination for RNA biology, for which Castello lab is amongst the most renowned labs.

During three months I studied the alterations in the human RNA-Binding Proteome (RBPome) upon infection. We uncovered, in a comprehensive manner, the extensive and dramatic changes the cellular RBPome undergo upon viral infection contributing to a “virus friendly” environment

Castello Lab provides a great opportunity to apply the cutting-edge technology in a well established lab with extensive expertise in RNA biology and RNA-Binding Proteins (RBPs). Moreover, the lab provides an excellent social and working atmosphere based on team building and cooperative nature. The expertise and the collaborative nature of the lab and the involvement of Dr. Alfredo Castello promoted collaboration with the Dr. Castello group beyond my rotation.