Former members

Boris Bonaventure, Msc student 2015

He joined during the first year of the Castello lab. He helped to implement RNA interactome capture and sindbis virus infection in the lab. He got a position as PhD student in the IRIM in Montpellier.

David Kulozik, MD student 2015-2016

He was interested in how vaccinia virus rewires the complement of cellular RNA-binding proteins and elucidate which vaccinia virus proteins are endowed with RNA-binding activity.

Bojana Lazovic, Erasmus student 2018

She performed a targeted genetic screen to understand the role of the tRNA splicing ligase complex in HIV infection.

Thierry Cottineau, Master student – visitor

I aim to elucidate how the helicase DDX1 controls HIV infection. I will employ a genetic screen to determine the which protein complexes and pathways are involved in the capacity of DDX1 to support HIV infection.