The emerging universe of RNA-binding proteins

The RNA interactome dataset (Castello et al., Cell, 2012) compiles the repertoire of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) identified by RNA interactome capture in HeLa cells. The protein maps is linked to the information available on these proteins, including their domain architecture and the presence of disordered repetitive motifs.

The RBDmap dataset depicts the distribution of RNA-binding sites within the RBPs identified by RNA interactome capture. The RBDmap protocol combines controlled proteolysis with ultraviolet crosslinking and oligo(dT) capture to narrow down the protein regions engaged in RNA binding (Castello et al., Mol Cell 2016). This method was also applied to murine cardiomyocytes.

In Castello et al., Trends in Genetics 2013, we generated a RBPs and disease that compilates the disease-associated mutations linked to known and newly identified RBPs. We noticed that protein disordered regions are enrichment in these Mendelian mutations.