Joining our lab

We are always seeking for talented and motivated postdocs, graduate and master students.

20160523_131432Postdoctoral associates

Fully funded postdoctoral positions (if any) are advertised here and at the Biochemistry website.  If none is available, we are happy to advise outstanding candidates in their applications to postdoctoral fellowships. To be successful in such applications, the candidate should have an excellent track record, including publications in peer-reviewed journal as first authors. Fellowships available include Marie Sklodowska-Curie, EMBO long-term fellowship, Newton International Fellowship and Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship. Fellowships from the candidate’s country are also an option to explore.

DPhil/PhD students

The Department of Biochemistry and the University of Oxford offer highly competitive and prestigious scholarships to carry out a DPhil (PhD) in one of the most vibrant scientific environments in the world. These scholarships are given through DPhil programmes that are grouped based on research focus and interests (more information here). Our laboratory is associated  to (and thus eligible from) three DPhil programmes: Biochemistry, DTP BBSRC and WT Chromosome & Developmental Biology. Students with strong CV are encouraged to apply. Selection process takes into consideration bachelor and/or master grades as well as previous research experience.

Master students

The Department of Biochemistry also offers a prestigious master programme, referred to as master by research. This 2-year programmes does not include scholarship and thus students should either be self-funded or should obtain a scholarship from other source. We expect the student to have excellent bachelor grades and some lab experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us ( for more information.