The RBPome of yeast (S. cerevisiae) and worms (C. elegans) uncovered

Recently, two independents works published in Nature Com and NSMB have shown the unexpected complexity of the repertoire of RNA-binding proteins in both S. cerevisiae and C. Elegans. Strikingly, metabolic enzymes and other enzymatic cores arise as enigmatic RNA-binders from yeast to human, suggesting either surprising and conserved roles of these proteins in post-transcriptional control of gene expression or a widespread function of RNA as regulator of enzymatic activities.

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The RNA-binding proteomes from yeast to man harbour conserved enigmRBPs.

Benedikt M. Beckmann, Rastislav Horos, Bernd Fischer, Alfredo Castello, Katrin Eichelbaum, Anne-Marie Alleaume, Thomas Schwarzl, Tomaž Curk, Sophia Foehr, Wolfgang Huber, Jeroen Krijgsveld & Matthias W. Hentze

Conserved mRNA-binding proteomes in eukaryotic organisms

Ana M Matia-González, Emma E Laing & André P Gerber